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It has been a cold Winter, with negative-degree temperatures across the nation. The last thing anyone wants to do is jump in a pool for a cool dip. Or do they? Polar Bear Plunge Day (or Polar Bear Swin Day) happens every January 1st. This is a tradition started on January 1, 1920, by Greek immigrant Peter Pantages. Immigrating to Canada, he would swim the English Bay throughout the year, he invited his friends to join him. Now, Polar Bear Plunges happen around the world on January 1st. Visit National Day Calendar for more info,

This day was named after the Polar Bear, who largely lives in the Arctic Circle. These are gorgeous animals and there is a children’s comic named Survival On The Ice, a Science Comics book that teaches children about the multi-faceted universe as we know it. Beautifully illustrated by Zack Giallongo and written by Jason Viola, it tells the story of a family of polar bears and life in the Arctic Circle.

Take the plunge! Or just enjoy an iced drink on Polar Bear Plunge Day! #CelebrateEveryDay #polarbear #ArcticCircle #plunge #swim #arctic

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