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On this #CelebrateEveryDay we are encouraged to embrace persons with disabilities. Annie and Stevie Hopkins created 3E Love, an organization that spreads the message: “Embrace diversity. Educate your community. Empower each other. Love life.” She also created the logo of the wheelchair with a heart as a symbol of acceptance. Annie passed away on January 20, 2009, this day is dedicated to her memory. Many persons in our society have a disability, be it learning, or physical. But they do not let this stop them, they make a difference every day. On this day, We should recognize their capabilities and their contribution to society.

My comic recommendation is inspired by the writer Chip Reece’s real-life struggle with his son who was born had two congenital heart defects and Down Syndrome. Metaphase is the story of Ollie who has Down Syndrome and wants superpowers just like his Dad. An engaging read about a boy who wants to be like his father and a father who wants to protect his son at all costs.

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