I had bangs once, they were glorious, but no more. Arizona Summer will do that to you, continuous sweat. What am I thinking about this picture, probably need to update, but I don't like taking pictures.


I am a Black woman who is a nerd.

But, what do you see first? Are you judging me on my skin before anything else? I have been judged since the day I entered into society. 
I love my nerdiness, in fact that is who I am and how I identify myself to anyone willing to listen.
Once I let someone get to know me, or see someone who I can relate to, I let you know "I am a nerd."
When I am out and about (before Covid-19) I always wanted to know, what do people see first?
I want to be known as someone who loves comics, loves going to Comic Cons, loves reading, loves her family, loves her cats, loves her friends.
Just so you know, when you see me, I am more than the color of my skin.