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This is the day that we should reflect on education on a global scale. Education provides knowledge and knowledge can lead any student wherever possible for them. We all know when COVID hit, the world almost came to a halt, as far as education this also almost came to a halt. Millions of children suffered from the cancelled in-classroom teaching that they relied on to get their education. In other countries as well, education has been eliminated for those of a different nationality or gender. On this #InternationlDayofEducation we should reflect on how our education shapes our learning. If you have children that are school age, write the teachers a thank you note or give a gift. Schools are always looking for supplies for their students, donate to your local school district or donate to international funding for students in need; here are some links to those looking for donations:

Searching for a recommendation on my comic book choice, I came across Psychology: The Comic Book Introduction. Written by Danny Oppenheimer, PhD, a psychologist and illustrated by Grady Klein, this comic explores the psychology of human behavior. It illustrates the emotions we go through, the terms used in psychology that explain our actions and how it affects us. This book was created for students of psychology or those who are just curious.

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