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On this day, #CelebrateEveryDay, Australia was established as a British colony in 1788.

Australia has become a continent the world around loves. From movies like Crocodile Dundee and The Babadook to popular oceanic wonders such as the Great Barrier Reef, Australia has captured people with its natural beauty and wondrous landscape. On this Australia Day, the residents gather to have cookouts and attend parades and other events to celebrate.

So, for the recommendation, I decided to highlight a character not just a comic. Created by John Broome and Carmen Infantino, making his debut in 1960 is Captain Bommerang from DC Comics. George Harkness was introduced to a wider range audience in 2016’s Suicide Squad but originally he was a criminal in The Flash comics. The Captain Boomerang character has seen changes throughout the years, but the “Digger” from Down Under looks like he will be here for a minute.

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