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What A (Unique) Day!

We all know I am into comics, this is the reason for this blog/site. What I am also into is obscure calendar days. ??? What I mean is I love to know what calendar days represent. I am not talking about the usual holidays, like Christmas, the 4th of July, Memorial Day, etc. How about the other, forgotten days? Solstice days, National Pancake Day, National Dadgum That’s Good Day (yes, that exists).

I always enjoyed National Day Calendar and subscribe to their newsletter on a National Day that is out of the ordinary. I had this idea and have sat on it for years. This year I decided to go with it and I would like you to come and enjoy the journey. The “National Day Of” will go throughout the year, the day I highlight will give you the background AND I am going to highlight a comic book on that theme. I am a researcher at heart, I will find a comic book to fit that theme.

Ambitious? I know. Worthwhile? I flippin’ hope so! So, if you would like a notification for a “National Day Of” click here or you can check back on CallMeNell to see which day I have chosen and a link to the comic reference for that day.

Be a part of my experiment and let me know if you like.

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