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Patricia on the Weekends

The smell of green hair grease

from her perfectly curled hair

perfuming the car

Her guffawed laugh for a joke or sly remark

I love to joke

Her smile widens

her eyes close slightly

she starts laughing, loudly,

at my morning grumblings

I hate all mornings

The sound of the base, from Ludacris

Our favorite song for a ride in the car

She listens without prejudice

without much judgement

I find some there

Our shopping trips to the mall is a sport,

a pick up game

the best bargain wins the day

Hot caramel cider at Starbucks

We are always winning

Crisp, Fall breeze cooling the air

driving through a large park

we slow for the ducks

Bosses of the walkway and ponds

We both love this

Movie theaters as a form of escape for us

some I have to explain

most of the time, she likes the story

She usually falls asleep if they bore her

I find that amusing

My favorite aunt, the youngest, in many ways,

out of six, one of four surviving

Taking care of an aging parent

It is taking a toll on her emotionally

I sympathize with her

Missing her, like missing peace of mind

missing the excursions, mini vacations weekends

It is tough being 3000 miles away

She says I can call anytime

I miss her face

My aunt and our mini vacations

Time cannot stand still and that sucks

Memories are cemented in our minds

Stolen so quickly, a thief in the night

I want time back

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