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Don’t worry, ALL flavors are celebrated on July 1st, but today is designated for Strawberry Ice Cream and it is the first of the frozen dessert to be celebrated in the new year. The particular frozen dessert was served at President James Madison’s second inauguration in 1813. It is ⅓ part of the Neopolitan ice cream and it has seen use in other desserts like strawberry cheesecake ice cream, hey you get a serving of dairy and fruit in one serving. Even in the cool weather, this is a sweet treat that can be enjoyed all year round.

Now, my recommended comic in conjunction with Strawberry Ice Cream Day is Ice Cream Man from Image Comics. This is an ongoing, anthology series with the friendly neighborhood ice cream man serving up treats and stories that run the gamut of horror, drama, and maybe a little comedy. Written by W. Maxwell Prince with various artists like Martin Morazzo and Chris O’Halloran, Lickety-split!! Volumes #1-8, which collect issues 1-32, are now available to purchase. I look forward to Ice Cream Man #34 on February 22nd.

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