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Fiction was my first love of reading and a gateway to Science Fiction. I love Science Fiction/Science Fantasy because these are the movies and television shows that I gravitate towards. One of the first Science Fiction novels I read was Micheal Crichton after seeing Jurassic Park in the theater. Now, to be honest, I have read Ray Bradbury's short stories before, but Crichton was the first entire novel. So, today is National Science Fiction Day, which is why I am going on about this fantastic subject.

This day was started in celebration of Isaac Asimov’s (Isaak Yudovich Ozimov) birthdate, which was January 2, 1920. It has since expanded as mostly an appreciation day for all things Science Fiction. It is a day to read the genre, watch that genre, heck be inspired to write about it. Speaking from experience, and to revisit what I was saying at the beginning, most of my regular television viewing was Science Fiction. My sister and I watched Star Trek: The Next Generation and X-Files on a weekly basis, these were our shows.

I can go on and on, and on, and on but let us talk about a recommended comic. Octavia E. Butler is an African American Science Fiction writer with a bibliography of stories filled with strong POC protagonists. She was the first Science Fiction writer to receive a MacArthur Fellowship, she was known to include Black injustice, Afro-futurism, and strong prose. Originally published in 1979, Kindred is a story about an African American woman, living in the 20th century who travels back in time to the South during slavery. This book is now in graphic novel form and should be added to your library!

Can you tell I like this subject? However you do it, go and be a Science Fiction geek today!

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