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Beginning in 2015, this day was created by Infinium Spirits to celebrate the Templeton Rye drink, one of Al Capone’s favorite drinks. In the era of prohibition, bootleggers were the anti-heroes in 1920 America. The term “bootlegger” comes from the Midwest in the 1800s, it was when someone would conceal a flask of liquor in their boot top when trading. Bootlegging can apply to any illegal manufacturing of goods for sale but became famous during Prohibition. The demand for liquor was greater than the fear of arrest after the Eighteenth Amendment passed that banned the sale and manufacturing of alcohol. Smuggled from Canada and Mexico, and sold in speakeasies and other underground clubs, Bootleggers were celebrated for keeping the alcohol flowing. Eventually, the amendment was abolished and alcohol became legal again, so we can drink it today!

Have I got a comic book recommendation for you? Yes! Created in 2017, Moonshine is set in the Prohibition era in the backwoods of Appalachia. A New York City hotshot is sent to West Virginia to broker a deal about the distribution of bootleg moonshine. What the hotshot wasn’t expecting was a sharp businessman that will do anything to protect his operation and a dark family secret. Written by Brian Azzarello and art by Eduardo Risso, Moonshine is now available in five volumes published through Image Comics.

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