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Comics for MLK Day

On January 21st, the nation observes Martin Luther King Day. I think we all need to refresh our memories on why we all should meditate on why we have to think about why this is a holiday, we need to reflect on why this man’s words and activism is just as important today as it was in the 1950s and 1960s.

As this is a comic blog, I found some interesting comics that deal with Dr. King and his movement.

The Montgomery Story

Writers: Alfred Hassler, Benton J. Resnik

Artist: Sy Barry

Publisher: Fellowship of Reconciliation

This is the story of Montgomery, AL and Dr. King’s journey from a young man in church to a preacher, teaching non-violent, and the Civil Rights Movement protesting to change the wrong with segregation of Black Americans.

Here is where you can download for free this comic:

March Trilogy

Writers: John Lewis, Andrew Aydin

Artist: Nate Powell

Publisher: Top Shelf Productions

Speaking of the Civil Rights movement, U.S. Congressman John Lewis, who marched with Dr. King is the co-author of March. The autobiographical account, in graphic novel form, of Mr. Lewis’ life and activism during the Civil Rights Movement; the marches, the brutality of the time. March was the winner of the National Book Award, the first comics to win this award.

All three volumes can be found and purchased on Amazon:


Writer: Ho Che Anderson

Artist: Ho Che Anderson

10 years in the making, Ho Che Anderson recounts the life of Dr. King from childhood to the Civil Rights Movement. Almost in documentary form, Anderson is both the writer and illustrator of the comic. This is a gorgeously illustrated account of King’s life.

This is available for purchase on Amazon:

On this day, consider his message, ponder his words.

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