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I am loving learning something new, and hopefully, you do too! On January 11th on HERITAGE TREASURE DAY, donations are given to national landmarks around the world. It is also the day to ponder helping preserve national monuments, conserve wildlife or reflect on our own heritages.

On the subject of our personal heritage. In grade school, some history projects had you create a family tree, tracing back where you came from. How far back can you go? Maybe dive into a little history of your hometown and state? You may be pleasantly surprised or devastated beyond your imagination. All in all, it would be pretty cool!

As a recommendation for a comic book/graphic novel on this day, I am going with two. The first is titled Tomboy: A Graphic Memoir; written and illustrated by Liz Prince. Ms Prince explores her childhood-teenage years as not fitting into being a girlie girl or being just one of the boys. She illustrates what it means to really “be a girl.”

I was also intrigued by this title; Ducks: Two Years in the Oil Sands.

Author and cartoonist Kate Beaton tell her story of leaving Cape Breton Island in Nova Scotia, her hometown, to explore Alberta Canada during their oil rush. Her story of the hard work of the oil fields and the history of Canada’s beauty.

This was a very interesting find on the National Calendar Day site. It is just the beginning of exploring these diverse days!

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