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Pick of the Week: Goddess Mode

Writer: Zoe Quinn

Artist: Robbie Rodriguez

Colorist: Rico Renzi

Publisher: DC/Vertigo

This is a new series from DC/Vertigo.

This story centers on Cassandra Price, she works for a big company that controls AI for the whole world. Even though she is capable of controlling the whole system, she has a menial job of just cleaning up the junk data.

When she is caught by the CEO and founder of the company, Tucker Brady, he invites her to his home to promote her, he sees her potential of navigating throughout the A.I. system. As Cassandra is virtually in the system, she stumbles upon some information that she was not supposed to, where upon she meets a group of women exist within the system.

I chose this as my pick of the week because reading the first in the series, I am thoroughly enjoying it. Let me just start right off and saying that Hackers was my one of my favorite movies in the 1990s and I was totally into the whole computer trip-hop thing. Zoe Quinn, as a writer, brings out the technical jargon, but is simple enough that you can follow it. The writing is fast pace,it holds your interest and you want to know more.

What also makes this reading captivating is the art and the color by Robbi Rodriguez and Rico Renzi. This art is completely psychedelic, like back from the seventies but with a 21st century twist. The characters are bright, backgrounds are just beautifully laid out and flipping through this comic right now, if I had extra copy I would frame some of these panels, it’s just a gorgeous read.

I am really looking for to number 2, which came out today January 16th on new comic book day. It looks like it's gonna be a limited series so they keep the Quinn/Rodriguez/Renzi collaboration and I am definitely looking forward to reading this. I recommend you give it a read, pick it up!

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