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Comic Review - Gregory Graves: Interview With A Supervillain

Writers: Dan Harmon, Eric M. Esquivel

Artists: Brent Schoonover, Ted Naifeh

Publisher: SBI Press

Gregory Graves wants to rid the world of Luminary, the superhero of Avalon City. Graves believes Luminary is going to destroy the world if he doesn't stop him. But there is a problem, Luminary is the alien savior of Avalon City and basically, the world.

The story starts with reporter Chet Coleman visiting Graves in a maximum security prison for villains. Coleman wants to know why Graves is who he is and why he is hell bent on destroying Luminary. Secrets are revealed, truths are learned and both Coleman and Graves find out there is a much larger threat on the horizon.

I have always said, some supervillains have a sympathetic background. General Zod (Superman), Erik Killmonger (Black Panther) and of course Magneto. Gregory Graves, at the beginning, is a crazed maniac, already behind bars for fighting Luminary. He is the biggest threat, but he was not always like that. He wanted to do good, he did it by breaking the law, that's where Luminary stepped in. Graves made Luminary his mortal enemy, assembling the worst of the worst villains to destroy Luminary. When it is revealed the ultimate goal of Graves hatred of Luminary, the story takes a 180.

I have always enjoyed Eric M. Esquivel's writing; it is solid and surprising. I have watched clips of "Rick & Morty" and there is definitely Dan Harmon stamp on some of the dialogue. It is a combination of wit, sarcasm and serious. The lines and coloring of the this comic are good, some panels have a lot of details and other when the scene has paned out there is just enough detailing.

This is worth a read, for the writing and yes, the comparison between Superman and Lex Luthor. It is a good story and I am looking forward to the next chapter.

This comic is now available at your local comic book seller. You can find out more about Starburns Industries and SBI Press, please visit their website:

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