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Comic Review - Geek Girl #1 & #2

Writer: Sam Johnson

Artist: Carlos Granda

Colorist: Chunlin Zhao

Letterer: Paul Maclaren

Publisher: Markosia

Geek Girl #1

Acorn Ridge, MA is protected by three superheroes; Pit Bull, Neon Girl and Geek Girl. Geek Girl's powers are from glasses the gives her super strength and flying abilities. But, the original Geek Girl has been in a coma since her last battle, so a girl name Summer has decided to take up the glasses and help out. Summer does not have formal superhero training, but she tries her best helping Pit Bull stop crime. But she feels the need to help keep Maine safe.

We are also introduced to the crime lord, Pig Head.

He has gotten a hold of some hi tech components that help him get away with an arm robbery without a trace. This is his pitch to low level criminals to form a league of villains. Meanwhile, the original Geek Girl, Ruby, has awoken from her coma. When Summer meets up with Ruby, family and friends of Ruby are upset at Summer for almost getting Ruby killed. Ruby ask for the glasses back, leaving Summer powerless.

With villains wanting a rematch and Summer without the power glasses, Maine looks to be in a heap of danger and running low on superheroes.

I enjoyed these comics in it's simplicity. There are clearly bad guys bent on destroying a city and good gals who have sworn to protect this city. The difference of Geek Girl is how the super heroine came into her powers (she won the super power glasses in a game of Strip Poker.) She decide to use them for good, but is almost killed doing so and when a friend decides to take the reigns to help, she is met with hostility.

Sam Johnson's story is unique in the heroes have interesting issues to deal with besides saving the city. It is almost like they do it because it needs to get done or they wouldn't otherwise.

Panel Preview - Geek Girl #1

The dialog between the characters are great, it is not bogged down with phrases you wouldn't hear in everyday ordinary conversations. I find the conversations within the criminal element quite amusing, especially when a petty criminal is trying to explain to his wife why moving to Maine to join a gang is a win-win opportunity for him.

The art by Carlos Granda and colors by Chunlin Zhao are done well in both issues. They are bright and captivating, although you can tell it computerized. I hope in the other issues they tone down the lightening/shadow on some of the panels. Bottom line: I want to know what happens next; does Ruby take the reigns of the glasses again? Will she just hand them over to Summer? What is Pit Bull's deal? Does Pig Head's plan actually work? I want to know!

I am new to Markosia's comics, they are based in London and I have never heard of them before. I was introduced to this comic by way of Twitter. Looking through their catalog, they have an impressive array of different comic books they produce. I am definitely interested in picking up more titles.

Geek-Girl #1 and Geek Girl #2 are out now from Markosia and available at and Comixology.

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