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#BHM Spotlight: Regine Sawyer

I am really finding some really interesting people researching for #BlackHistoryMonth. A name I came across is Regine Sawyer. She is a writer, editor and founder of Women in Comics NYC Collective International, which gives women in comics a voice and helps brand their names. As if she isn’t doing enough, Ms. Sawyer is also the founder/owner of Lockett Down Production which owns the rights to comic books Ice Witch, The Rippers, Chimera and employs women comic book artists.

Regine Sawyer

Regine Sawyer makes her rounds in a lot of comic book conventions, local to her in New York. She always had a passion for comics and pursued her dream after college. Working for an independent comic publisher, she was the editor and searched for talent for the company’s publications. She knew she wanted to concentrate on providing opportunities for women in comics, especially women of color.

Ms. Sawyer recently attended FanFaire in New York City, a high school art and design pop culture festival. All of her upcoming events shows that is is active in the comic book community, promoting women of color in the comic book industry. She strives to grow a community of comic book creators and she continually speaks on panels at various comic conventions.

To learn more about Regine Sawyer, here are some helpful links:

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