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#BHM Spotlight: Matt Baker

I was told about Matt Baker from my friendly neighborhood comic shop owner. I am also all about comic book history and like to learn who help shape comic books from the beginning.

Matt Baker

A name you may not be familiar with but you are definitely familiar with his art, Matt Baker. He began his career in comics as a background artist for Jerry Iger in the late 1940s. He was hired by Iger because of his sketch of a woman, which Iger said was “naturally beautiful.” He was known for being one of the best “Good Girl” artists (think Veronica, not Betty) and his attention to detail for the woman form.

He was the main artist for Phantom Lady after it was bought by Fox Comics, in 1947. He was also known for his art in various other comics like; Lorna Doone, Tales of the Mysterious Traveler, It Rhymes with Lust, and several romantic comics. Baker also help create the first black hero, Voodah, which debuted in Crown Comics #3 in 1945.

Matt Baker’s career was short, but had a great impact during the Golden Age of comics. Here are a few sources to learn more about Matt Baker:

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