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#BHM Spotlight: Dr. Sheena Howard

As I was looking for other subjects and comics for my #BlackHistoryMonth blogging series, I came across Dr. Sheena Howard, PhD. Some may not recognize her face, but she is making her name known in the black comics community.

Dr. Sheena Howard

Dr. Howard is currently an associate professor of communications at Rider University, past chair of the Black Caucus and she is the founder of The NerdWorks Project. She also speaks at various forums and discussions about gender roles and sexuality within the Black community. But why did I choose her for a comic blog?

She was the recipient of the 2014 Eisner Award for Black Comics: Politics of Race and Representation, she being the first Black woman to receive this award. The books discusses black artists and black characters in comics throughout the 20th century. She is also is the author of Encyclopedia of Black Comics, this book focuses on the Black creators, writers, artists, illustrators, etc.

What I wouldn’t give to attend one of her lectures or attend a con where she is paneling. Here are some links where you can find out more information about Dr. Howard:

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