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#BHM Spotlight: Aaron McGruder/The Boondocks

Continuing my series for #BlackHistoryMonth blogging about comic book creators I'm gonna focus on one particular comic that was actually turned into a animated series, The Boondocks. The creator, Aaron McGruder, wrote a weekly comic strip which was featured in Sunday newspapers. The comic strip focus on Huey, Reilly and their granddad, Robert Freeman. The series’ subjects were sensitive based on what was going on in the black community. The cartoon was picked up by Adult Swim which played late at night because of the language and content.

Aaron McGruder

Aaron McGruder style was heavily based on his love of manga, anime and martial arts. The comic strip along with the animated series was very provocative and also it has, so far, dealt with some very sensitive subjects at the time; the marriage of Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown, President Election Barack Obama and the way the black community treat it’s celebrities even when they were charge with heinous crimes, like R. Kelly.

Even though the language is kind of crude, the subjects matters are actually very relevant and takes a look at both sides of how the black community works within itself. I can write about my opinion about this comic and the animated series but I'm gonna let you judge for yourself. I thoroughly enjoy it in the message that it has and it's quite entertaining.

If you wanna learn more about The Boondocks and Aaron McGruder you can look to these links:

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