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Looking For a New Comic Book? Try Kickstarter or Indiegogo

By now, you must know someone or have supported a project through Kickstarter or Indiegogo; so I will keep the intro short. Crowdfunding is no longer a fad, a lot of business minded individuals have ideas that are ready to be green lighted. The tradition now is to crowd source your project. Movies are made, books are published, clothing lines are financed, and comics are made.

These two websites have a lot different types of comics looking for funding or have already been funded. One comic I supported, through Kickstarter, and was successfully funded was Monster Elementary - which is now on volume two. It is a great trade with cute original stories, something that is hard to find in the regular comic publisher. The creators updated their supporters with how the funding was going, every time a goal was reached, they had special rewards for certain tiers, and once the trade was funded they still provided updates to the supporters.

Now, I have not supported any comic on Indiegogo, frankly because I really didn't know enough about it. Here is one difference I found while looking into the website, even after the project is funded you can still back the project.

You can continue to build a community around your project. So, why did I mention Indiegogo if I have never funded a project? One word, Jawbreakers. There has been a lot of controversy surrounding this one shot comic. You can only get this comic online, it has comic creators from both DC and Marvel, set to be published in July. I am not going into the whole story behind it, but you should definitely Google it, it is a doozy.

These two sites have a wide range of comics to choose from. Check them out, there are some very interesting stories or beautiful artwork. Any recommendations or suggestions on any crowd source comics? Drop me a line on my Facebook page!

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