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Haul of the Week - July 4th

I like to share the comics I pick up for the week. Some weeks I will not because I don't find anything interesting to me. I would love to hear what you picked up this week!

Batman #50

New York Times leaked it, DC leaked it, my sister even told me the end, but I don't care I still bought. It is not about the end, it's about the journey to get there. I wanted to see if this was the story is what I wanted and frankly, I got it.

Batman and Catwoman decide it's time to make it official. Arrangements are made, they are strange but fitting and it will take place at dawn, mostly because crime will not be committed at that time. There is a particularly beautiful page when Bruce has to make a decision on the one witness he needs at the wedding.

Tom King writes in a letter format for most of the comic from Serena to Bruce and vice versa. King, I feel, captures what Batman fans have been waiting for and expected.

I urge you that if you are a Batman fan, you should get this comic. In between the story, there are beautiful pages of Batman/Catwoman art from various artists like; Frank Miller, Andy Kubert, Becky Cloonan, and Joelle Jones.

Catwoman #1

This story takes place right after the Batman #50. Someone is disguising themselves as Catwoman and has committed murder. I can't say too much or it kind of gives it away. However, this is definitely worth a read, the story and art are by Joelle Jones. The story is a little twisted, I have to see where this is going. The art matches the story, a lot of lines, give it a constant moving feel.

We all know Catwoman's backstory, so this comic goes right into the story without flashbacks bogging it down, goes right into the action.

The Batman and Catwoman story line has been going on for 60 years!! There have been various stories written around their relationship, but somehow they are always together

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