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I love a sweet treat during the day that goes with coffee and tea (I drink both religiously). Shortbread cookies are hardy and dunkable in both drinks, a great way to celebrate NATIONAL SHORTBREAD DAY!

A Scottish treat enjoyed the world around, the original recipe of 1 part sugar, 2 parts butter, and 3 parts flour has been revised in impressive ways. Dating back to the 12th century, Mary Queen of Scots is credited with the origination of this cookie. It was considered an expensive delicacy, preserved for special occasions. This recipe is so easy and very versatile, you can Google ‘shortbread recipe’ and you can find a wide variety of treats. But, I a, going to share one with you here: Royal-Tea Cookies: A Recipe Inspired by The Crown. Created by two awesome people, Sarah and Matthew (Geeks Who Eat) created recipes that promote movies, television shows and holidays. I suggest checking them out for more recipes, you will not be disappointed!

As a recommendation, it is not quite a comic book, but I believe this needs to be highlighted. Cookies & Milk (Cookies & Milk, 1), written by Shawn Amos, is a story about a preteen that spends his summer helping his father start a cookie business. If the surname Amos and cookies sound familiar, this story is based on Shawn Amos’ father of the Famous Amos brand.

Have a spot of tea and nibble on some shortbread in celebration of the day!

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